Seeking a bizarre bird; Shoebill


We have been in Uganda for ten days. We have seen antelopes, countless bird species, lions, elephants, rhinos and more. During a full day, we became part of a chimp family and wandered with them in the rainforest. Words are vein to explain my experience with the gorillas or explain my surprise when I came face to face a hippo in our hotel by the Nile river; I guess the beats of my heart are the only testimony of these explorations.

Good accomodations, good food, friendly people, everything was perfect. However one thing was missing to make this trip just perfect. In fact, during these ten day I kept on trying to spot a shoebill wherever we went, but I was not fortunate enough.

This is our last day. We will be heading to Entebbe from Bwindi to catch our flight back to home. It will be nearly a whole day trip. Early in the morning I asked Patrick, our guide, if we had chance to spot a shoebill at Mabamba swamp close to Entebbe. He gave a call to a friend and found out that they locate one just yesterday. Patrick said that we could give a try to see him still today. So we got prepared very fast and on our way to the swamp after few phone calls, we got the good news: the shoebill was still there. We drove nearly 8 hours, just stopped for a quick lunch. We even passed the Equator line without having a souvenir photo.

We reached the swamp just before sunset. And yes, after a long ride we found it. A shoebill, maybe the most bizarre bird in the world. We had very limited time before it gets dark but we got these very satisfactory photos...







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